JEOPARDY JOE! - A New and Exciting Collection of Knowledge and Memory Games for Young and Old
A New and Exciting Collection of Trivia, Knowledge and Memory Games

What is JEOPARDY JOE! All About? What's It All About?

Activity Directors are always looking for new and innovative ways to rev-up their activity schedule - JEOPARDY JOE! is the perfect way to do just that!


JEOPARDY JOE! is an exciting collection of activities inspired by America's most popular games. From young adults to senior citizens, each JEOPARDY JOE! experience is a unique program designed to encourage participation, conversation and sharing each other’s stories and memories.


Music. History. Movies. Science. News. Trivia. Biographies. Art. Geography - you name it - JEOPARDY JOE! will have 'em begging for more.


The topics and questions are fun and challenging AND everybody can be a winner. JEOPARDY JOE! encourages participation and sharing as players take the opportunity to talk about their personal experiences, creating a lively and educational activity session.

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JEOPARDY JOE! Has All the Bells and Whistles! It's Got All the Bells and Whistles!

If you have an electrical outlet - you can host a JEOPARDY JOE! event.


JOE arrives with everything needed for a fun-filled activity, including a large portable screen, theater projector and laptop; flashing buzzers that let everyone know who rang in first, game score cards, badges, trophies and prizes.


A JEOPARDY JOE! program can accommodate any number of players - as individuals or as teams. Set-up and break-down are quick and easy, and almost any setting can be used for an event.

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JEOPARDY JOE! Is For Everybody

Senior Communities and Care Centers

JEOPARDY JOE! is the ideal activity for senior gatherings. The excitement of the games encourage participation, conversation and sharing personal experiences.

  • Assisted Living Residents
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Social Clubs and Organizations

JEOPARDY JOE! is a unique entertainment. Programs can be customized to highlight particular areas of interest or professional expertise. Challenge your members' knowledge and bring them new information.

  • Adult Recreation Centers
  • Company Team Building Functions
  • Trade Association Meetings
  • Special Events
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Youth Groups, Schools and Education Facilities

Entertaining young people can be a challenge if the program doesn't appeal to their interests. JOE makes it special with topics in contemporary trends, music, social interaction and activities.

  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Independent Learning Centers
  • Higher Learning Settings (Advanced Programs)
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Fund Raisers, Special Events and Family Reunions

JEOPARDY JOE! can be the catalyst for a great fund raising event. Raffles, prizes, donations and auctions can all be thrown into the mix. Keep 'em laughing, keep 'em engaged and keep their wallets open.

Make your Family Reunion an extra special gathering with old and new family photos, memories and past events.

  • Church Donation Drives
  • Club Project Funding
  • Scholarship Awards
  • Family Reunions
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Independent and Assisted Living Residences, Senior Centers, Nursing, Rehab and Memory Care Communities

What is JEOPARDY JOE! All About? Trivia, Trivia, and More Trivia!

JEOPARDY JOE! Has a custom program that's just right for your community - with different levels of difficulty and combinations of topics. Music, Movies and Math to Animals, Art and Amusements.

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JEOPARDY JOE! Has All the Bells and Whistles! Specialized Memory Care Programs

JEOPARDY JOE! Is known for his specialized programs for Memory Care Residents. The games are designed to hold attention, prompt responses and draw from deep memories.

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What is JEOPARDY JOE! All About? There's Spins and Grins, and Everybody Wins!

BIG WHEEL JOE! Is a highly visual game with moving graphics, bright colors and lots of action. There are programs suitable for all types of players - including Memory Care.

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JEOPARDY JOE! Has All the Bells and Whistles! Exercise Those Brain Cells!

CROSSWORD JOE! Is Visually stimulating and mentally challenging. This is a great game for Independent Living residents and other high cognizant groups.

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Events and Rates

Booking an event is just a phone call away.


JEOPARDY JOE is growing in popularity because JOE works very hard to make each program unique - meeting the particular needs and schedule of your community.


Call or text JOE to discuss your individual requirements and how he can contribute quality entertainment to your activity schedule. (314) 399-2223



$150/event when you book one event
$125/event when you book two or more events
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Our 'Very' Private… Privacy Policy

At JEOPARDY JOE!, your privacy is my first concern.


You may occasionally receive an email announcement with news and information about JEOPARDY JOE! Your name and email address have been added to my contact list because we have met personally, we both take part in one or more networking groups or Listservs, or our eyes met across a misty dancefloor in some secluded nightspot.


In all cases, your personal information will not be distributed to any other party - EVER. Additionally, my emails, newsletters and this website do not use "cookies" to collect any personal data.
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